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Welcome to our site. Here you’ll find information about our club, motorcycle events in our area, details about our very own rally, the mighty “Imbil Rally”, and lots more. We hope you enjoy your visit and drop in again. Hey, why not bookmark us? Come on, what difference will one more link make to that mess you’ve created in your browser. Besides, we could use the traffic.Amongst the features on the site are the Chat Room, we recommend you don’t use it when sober. Our Classified Ads are just the place to buy or sell bike type stuff, best of all its free, as is everything on this site. You will not be asked for your credit card number, or age verification. You can add a link on our links page immediately, just select the appropriate heading to file it in and follow the instructions. If you notice a problem with the site please email the webmaster with the details. The webmaster (Mark) will then proceed to drink lots of home brew before attempting to fix the problem. 

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